Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Feng Shui Garden: Tree

What types of tree are good for your Feng Shui Garden

Pine Tree is a symbol of strength and Prosperity
-- Pine tree is a tough tree. It is not give up with strong winds or cold weather. If you can have pine tree in your garden or around your house it means you are tough and never give up.You are ready to fight for your life.

Bamboo tree is a symbol of happiness and peacefulness
-- Bamboo tree is wellknown in Chiness "Feng Shui Garden." It is a symbol of happiness and peacefulness. You can see them in many Chinese ancient movies that powerful people have bamboo tree in theie garden.

However, willow/sallow is not an auspicious plant for good Feng Shui Garden
-- Even though willow is beautiful and can make your garden loks classical. It is not recommended to grow in the house. It points to the ground implying unhappiness and unluckiness. The house members can feel depress all the time.