Monday, June 18, 2007

Feng Shui Garden: Tips for Good Feng Shui Garden

Feng Shui Garden

Feng Shui Garden

Feng Shui Garden : Do and Don't for your Good Life

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Garden or landscape area is usually the first the visitors or you will see. They are very important in the Feng Shui principles. Luxury does not mean auspicious but balance does. The following is the good tips for your good Feng Shui Garden.

Feng Shui Garden : Do

  • Front faces water. Back leans on mountain : The best auspicious Feng Shui

  • The best swimming pool shape is the "bean shape" which the inner side is turn to the house.

  • Flower at the windows will raise the energy of the house.

  • The size of swimming pool should be balanced with the house.

  • Artificial plants/flowers are also fine for limited spaces.

Feng Shui Garden : Don't

  • Don't have the sharp edge of swimming pool points to your house.

  • If no way to turn the sharp edge to other direction. Have bushy plants at each edge.

  • Do not grow huge or heavy plants on the balcony.

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